Booking a Magician

If you want to add a little magic to an event you’re organising or hosting, why not go straight to the source and book a magician?

Magicians offer four main types of magic shows:

Close up magic, also known as table magic, is probably the most popular at a variety of events as it can be done at any time and doesn’t need special lighting, sound equipment or staging but still manages to have a powerful impact on its audience. It is performed using everyday objects such as cards, coins and clothing, with the audience sitting or standing very close to the magician!

Whether you opt for a table magician or a stage magician you’ll find they’re a useful option for a wide range of events. At a wedding they can be showing guests few tricks while all the family photos are being taken before the meal begins. A magician at a kids party is another option, they can perform either a one or two hour show which includes amazing magic tricks as well as songs and sketches.

Corporate magicians are another popular option, as they perform a range of tricks to entertain staff and clients alike. You could hire a magician for a trade show to help attract potential clients to your booth, you could hire one for a staff vent to help break the ice between colleagues, or even hire a magician to appear at a corporate dinner to impress a room full of existing clients.

There really are endless opportunities to enjoy magical entertainment in your life, so if you think a magician can enhance an event for you then visit our listings section to find a magician in your area – and remember to book well in advance.