Opting for a Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castles promise inflatable fun for all, whether it’s a large group of five-year-old kids or the young at heart at a 40th birthday party. Just seeing a brightly coloured bouncy castle can put a smile on your face so just think how much fun you could have if you actually hired one.

Bouncy Castles come in all difference shapes and sizes and there’s bound to be one ideally styled for your event. For your child you could choose a jungle bouncy castle, giant monkey bouncy castle, Tarzan’s hideaway bouncy castle, a fairytale castle bouncy castle, a clown bouncy castle, or a dragon bouncy castle. However there are some more adult bouncy castle options which be used by around ten adults at one time but you will need to check with the company as each one will have slightly different stock.

As well as bouncy castles, many bouncy castle companies also offer inflatable games for you to enjoy. You could recreate the fun of the Gladiators TV show by standing on a platform and trying to knock your opponent off with an oversized inflatable cotton bud. Alternatively there’s the inflatable boxing ring with oversized boxing gloves and inflatable sumo suits to try. Other options for inflatable games include an inflatable ball pool, inflatable obstacle course, a giant inflatable slide and an inflatable basketball court.

When you’re thinking of hiring a bouncy castle or inflatable game, one of the first things you should consider is how much space you have. Remember you not only need to fit the bouncy castle itself in the space you also need room for the air generator that keeps it inflated and also room for people to get on and off. Check with the bouncy castle company when you book it.

There are some other things you should consider when opting for a bouncy castle, including health and safety. Make sure the bouncy castle company can give you full and clear instructions on how to use the bouncy castle to ensure that a happy event doesn’t turn sour because of a serious injury.

The bouncy castle industry does have a number of trade associations, and if you want to ensure the bouncy castle company you’re hiring from is professional and reputable, then it might be worth checking if they are a member of one of the trade associations such as British Inflatable Hirers Association (BIHA) or the National Association of Inflatable Hirers (NAIH).

Why not organise your bouncy castle hire now by searching for a bouncy castle hire company in your area.

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